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CONGRES: Supporting cycling for liveable cities

Geschreven op 4 September 2014

On 1 October, the European Commission together with Eurocities and the European Cyclists’ Federation will hold a conference in Venice on strategies to increase cycling in cities. The conference will bring together city representatives and mobility experts from across Europe to discuss arguments, strategies and tools for investment in urban cycling infrastructure. Speakers will present examples of European cites that have used original methods to support a flourishing cycling culture.
Topics will include:
-  Developing a bicycle account and an urban cycling strategy.
-  Calculating the costs and benefits of cycling and the economic impact of a larger cycling share in cities.
-  Establishing a successful public bicycle scheme.
-  The health impacts of cycling.
-  The role bicycles can play in urban logistics.
-  Marketing approaches to support an urban bicycle culture

More info is available in the following PDF document:  http://www.managenergy.net/lib/documents/1151/original_ME_A4_BIKES_Venice_12-7_(1).pdf

Or more info on the web page: http://www.managenergy.net/networking_meetings/1753#.VAgpzxa86iH

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