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Infographic - Creatine & Mental Fatigue

26 2019
  • Creatine supplementation improved physical (strength endurance) and prolonged cognitive (Stroop accuracy) performance.
  • Creatine supplementation did however not affect short sport-specific psychomotor or cognitive (Flanker) performance, nor did it affect the mental fatigue-associated impairment on these performances.
  • The improved prolonged cognitive (Stroop accuracy) performance indicates that creatine supplementation might be able to partially counteract the behavioral performance deterioration induced by mental fatigue.
  • From a practical point of view these results warrants further investigation in the potential role of creatine in countering the mental fatigue-associated decrements in prolonged (e.g. 90-min soccer game) sport performance.
  • From a mechanistic point of view the results suggest a possible role of brain phosphocreatine in mental fatigue.

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