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Bruno Tassignon

Bruno Tassignon

Bruno Tassignon is a PhD-student at the Human Physiology Research Group, Faculty LK at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

1) The effects of (sports) injuries on the brain and its interactions with fatigue during rehabilitation (return-to-sport)
2) The effects of fatigue on the injury risk profile (with inclusion of the brain) in the context of primary sports injury prevention
3) The effects of cryotherapy on recovery

1) When an athlete suffered an injury in the past, the main focus of both researchers and clinicians was mainly directed to the affected peripheral structures. However, the current view of the World Health Organization (WHO) shifted this focus towards a more holistic rehabilitation approach with the introduction of the biopsychosocial model. This paradigm shift in patient care became also very present in sports rehabilitation and led to the development of a general Return-To-Sport-Algorithm. Nevertheless, current scientific research within this complex vision has made significant steps forward and contributed to new insights within this domain, but is still in its initial phase. This line of research will explore and document the function of the brain after (sports) injuries and its interactions with fatigue.

2) Sports injury prevention is becoming increasingly important in organised sports. This domain has evolved rapidly in the last decades, leading to a better understanding of peripheral risk factors and injury mechanisms. This line of research focuses on the role of the brain in the context of primary sports injury prevention and the influence of fatigue on the injury risk profile of athletes.

3) Since the classical age, mankind has been investigating the effects of cryotherapy (therapeutic use of cold). Nowadays, the use of cryotherapy became an integral part of the medical and sports world. Since the last quarter of the 20th century, the research ‘hype’ that surrounds the effects cold on performance, recuperation, and rehabilitation led to an explosion of scientific literature, many new insights and many new application methods. Science has proven that the use of cold application can trigger beneficial effects towards recovery. Nevertheless, many important questions remain unanswered. This line of research will seek to answer some of these important questions.

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