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We are a laboratory for exercise and sports based in Brussels.

Sander De Bock

Sander De Bock

Sander De Bock is a PhD-student at the department Human Physiology, Faculty LK at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Companies show an exponentially growing interest in industrial exoskeletons. This close collaboration between people and technology would reduce the load on operators in the workplace without sacrificing the human creativity and flexibility.

In collaboration with the IMEC-SMIT research group of the VUB, we evaluate existing exoskeletons on the work floor of interested companies. We are not only focusing on the effectiveness of exoskeletons in a specific setting, we also evaluate the employer acceptance of exoskeletons (more info, Lennert.Vierendeels@vub.be).

Within the multidisciplinary Exo4Work project (SBO), where a quasi-passive and active assisting industrial exoskeleton is developed, I investigate the interaction between humans and exoskeleton in lab and industrial settings. During the evaluation of the exoskeleton, the physiological load, cognitive load, peripheral and central fatigue during the performance of job-related tasks is assessed.


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