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Jeroen Van Cutsem

Jeroen Van Cutsem

Jeroen van Cutsem is a PhD-student at the research group Human Physiology, Faculty LK at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Research: Mental, Physical, … fatigue is experienced in different ways. How do these interact with each other? Does their interaction provide more information on the mechanisms behind both forms of fatigue?

People who experience acute mental fatigue perform worse on cognitive tasks, they react slower and make more mistakes. Recently it has been reported that this form of fatigue also influences physical performance. The decrease in physical performance seems to be due to a higher perceived exertion in a mentally fatigued state, the reason for this higher perceived is exertion is however not known yet and that is what this research line tries to unravel. Some of the research questions are: ‘Are there any changes that occur in the brain during acute mental fatigue?’, ‘Has mental fatigue the same impact on physical performance in the heath?’, … the results observed in this research line could eventually lead to strategies to avoid the negative effect of mental fatigue on physical performance, in for example top athletes.


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