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High levels of sedentary behaviour and low levels of physical activity are severe
threats for people’s mental and physical health and are associated with serious
direct and indirect costs for society. One possibility to counter this problem of
excessive sitting and too low physical activity levels is the implementation of
active workstations in different settings. Most active workstation research has
been directed to standing and walking desks. By assessing the possible role of
bike desks in fighting sedentary behaviour and the herewith associated health,
cognitive, school and work parameters in different settings and age-groups, this
dissertation addressed some of the gaps in the existing active workstation

It can be concluded that the implementation of bike desks can contribute to
reducing sedentary time in different settings and age-groups. Acute cycling at
low-intensity positively influences response speed across tasks requiring variable
amounts of attention and inhibition. Furthermore, positive effects on physical
health factors and parameters of general, school- and work-related well-being in
adolescents and adults were observed as a result of longer term exposure to the
bike desks. Using a bike desk in the classroom or in the office did not affect
school or work performance.

Author: Jeroen Van Cutsem

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