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We are a laboratory for exercise and sports based in Brussels.



We would like to congratulate our colleague Jo Verschueren and Karlien Stabel for the birth of their first daughter: Hanne! 

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NEW! NIEUW! Lode Excallibur & Cosmed, K4b².

BLITS has a new bicycle ergometer: the Lode Excallibur. This ergometer will be used for maximal exercise tests and to perform Wingate tests. We also have a new spirometer (for the measurements of VO2max): the Cosmed, K4b².

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CONGRES: Supporting cycling for liveable cities

On 1 October, the European Commission together with Eurocities and the European Cyclists’ Federation will hold a conference in Venice on strategies to increase cycling in cities. The conference will bring together city representatives and mobility experts from across Europe to discuss arguments, strategies and tools for investment in urban cycling infrastructure.

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Marathonman & The Brain

The Marathon Man, Stefaan Engels, runs during 1 month throughout Belgium. We follow him, guide him and measure changes in the brain before and after exercise!

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