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Nieuwe hoogtekamer @ MFYS

Geschreven op 1 Februari 2016

The exercise lab MHYS-BLITS has recently installed a new normobaric altitude chamber. This means that we now have a climatic chamber that can not only set a desired temperature between 5 and 50°C and relative humidity, but also allows us to set an altitude up to 7000m. This means we can basically recreate the oxygen content in the high mountains. On top of that we have also equipped 2 hotel rooms within our building (U-Residence; 4th floor) with the same altitude system, allowing athletes to stay and sleep at altitude.

Our rector, prof Paul De Knop, will be the first to use our new infrastructure. He will be training in the climatic chamber, set at altitude, and he will sleep at altitude in one of the hotel rooms in order to prepare his upcoming expedition to the Himalaya.

Meer info rond deze opening en de hoogtekamer kan u hier terug vinden: 




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