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Anissa Cherif Kerouani

Anissa Cherif Kerouani

Anissa is a PhD Student at the Human Physiology research group from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and at the Athletes Health and Performance Research Centre in Aspetar

research topic: The impact of three days of daytime intermittent fasting on repeated-sprints and cognitive performance and related metabolic responses.

This study has been designed to examine the effects of Islamic fasting during three intermittent days on cognitive performance before, between and after a repeated sprint (RS) session, taking into account the influence of biochemical and hormonal parameters.

The ability to execute or repeat short sprints (RSA, or repeated sprint Ability) is a key parameter in many sports (e.g. team sports, tennis) and the focus of many training programs. Except for the mechanical output variables (typically work, velocity or power), and physiological responses, the cognitive function of athletes while running RSA have almost never been explored.

Cognition allows the athlete to pay attention, learn, remember new skills and solve sport-related problems. Several studies have demonstrated that psychomotor performance, subjective alertness, and memory are adversely affected during Ramadan.


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